Just a few notes to supplement the video.

First, we got this idea from flyguy at (here is a link to his post).

Here are a list of the parts you need:

– Rubbermaid 10 gallon round beverage cooler
– all stainless steel ¼” hose clamps x 2
– brass square head plug (Watts A-737)
– ½” x 12” (or larger) braided stainless steel supply hose
– 3/8” female barb adapter (Watts A-298)
– 5/8” stainless steel fender washer (see  note below)
– 3/8” MIP x 1-1/2” brass nipple (Watts A-786)
– seal from plastic spigot of cooler
– Teflon tape
– 5/8” O-ring (preferably heat resistant, if you can find one)
– 3 x 5/8” fender washers
– 3/8” threaded ball valve
– 3/8” male barb adapter (Watts A-294)

You should consider getting all stainless steel parts for the inside of the mash tun (anything that will be in contact with the wort). Otherwise, you will need to closely monitor the non-stainless steel parts for corrosion and replace parts as necessary. The most difficult part to find is the stainless steel washer that goes on the inside of the cooler. The solution is the “Create a Bolt” packaged set of nuts, screws, and washers (including the washer you need) sold at Home Depot and maybe Lowes. The stainless steel washers are hard not sold “loose” at the big box home improvement stores.