I didn’t think to document the keezer build until I was a little bit into the project. So, before the first picture was taken, I had already built a base for the keezer to sit on with casters (wheels). This serves two very important purposes. First, I’m a tall guy and I wanted the keezer to sit high so I didn’t have to bend down to pull a pint. Second, the wheels are important if you want the collar to attach to the lid (as opposed to attach to the freezer). The larger lid makes it necessary to roll the keezer away from the wall when opening and closing. I also painted my white freezer black (with appliance spray paint). Hopefully, the pictures below do a good job of illustrating what I did from there on out. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me ( I would be happy to share some advice!

A shout out to my dad, Matt Pieters, and Cripin May for their help along the way! Also, the good folks at for ideas.

A drip tray is definitely necessary for this sort of set-up. I’ll get around to that sometime soon. I also plan on installing a small fan to circulate air inside the keezer.