Projects and Lectures


The Myth of Secondary Fermentation: Why Many Modern Brewers (including Palmer) Don’t Recommend It

The Importance of a Good Boil and its impact on the taste of your beer

Wort Production and Brewhouse Efficiency

Yeast Starters Explained

The Ins and Outs of Stouts


Click on the link/photo/video for any project below to see details on the design/build.

Induction Brewing” by Jeremy Kees


“The Mash Paddle Project” by Matthew Pieters and Mike Bomberwich

Supplemental Documents: Mash Paddle 1; Mash Paddle 2

The Keezer Project” by Jeremy Kees

“The Cheap and Easy Mash Tun” by Matt Pieters, Tanu Happonen, and Jeremy Johnson

Click here for a bit more detail on the build including a parts list.

“Filling Bottles from Kegs” by Matt Pieters, Jeremy Kees, and Jeremy Johnson

“The White Labs Tap Handle Project” by Jeremy Kees

“How to Make Belgian Candied Sugar” by Matt Pieters and Jeremy Johnson

Click here for a bit more information on ingredients and process Belgian Candied Sugar.